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The Sensational Stevensons - (Stevensons lighthouse Engineers)

For over one hundred and fifty years Robert Stevenson and his descendants designed most of Scotland's Lighthouses. Battling against the odds and the elements - the Stevensons constructed wonders of engineering that have withstood the test of time, an amazing historical achievement.

Robert Stevenson's talented family also included the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson (his grandson). Visits with his family to remote lighthouses are thought to have inspired his books Kidnapped and Treasure Island.

"There is scarce a deep sea light from the Isle of Man to North Berwick, but one of my blood designed it.
The Bell Rock stands monument for my grandfather;
the Skerry Vhor for my uncle Alan;
and when the lights come out along the shores of Scotland,
I am proud to think that they burn more brightly for the genius of my father."

Robert Louis Stevenson

Genealogie of the Stevensons Family

Other Lighthouse Engineers of the NLB

With the death of David Alan Stevenson in 1971 the period of a family devoted to building lighthouses came to an end.

Between 1799 and 1938 the Stevenson family has built 97 Lighthouses in Scotland and on the Isle of Man. As a resume, and a reminder that the Northern Lighthouse Board continued to build lighthouses, here the list of their 'Senior Engineers' who built the lighthouses of Scotland.

The title Senior Engineer was changed to Engineer-in-Chief after 1972 and then changed to Director of Engineering in 1995.

List of Engineers of the Northern Lighthouse Board
1786- Thomas Smith
1799- Robert Stevenson
1843- Alan Stevenson
1853- David Lillie Stevenson
1854- David Lillie Stevenson and Thomas Stevenson
1878- Thomas Stevenson
1885- Thomas Stevenson and David Alan Stevenson
1886- David Alan Stevenson
1938- John Oswald
1946- J.D. Gardner
1955- Peter H. Hyslop
1978- John Williamson
1987- William Paterson
2000- Moray Waddell

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